Jailbreak: Adventure Game in Pärnu

   Pärnu prison closed in 2007. But these walls keep many secrets and scary stories. According to legend, there was the largest jailbreak in the country, the details of which still remain a mystery. Do you want to try and repeat it!? You don't have to be a psychopath or a criminal to do this. After all, now this is the largest modern adventure room complex in the Baltic countries.
With you: a team of daredevils.
In addition: pyrotechnics, sound, lighting effects, the Soviet jail atmosphere and real security.
Will you be able to solve the puzzles, use the keys to enter closed doors and get out of a difficult situation!? Admit it!
Your game will definitely be impressive!

After the game, we will stop in the resort town of Pärnu and have lunch in a cozy café (lunch is for an additional fee).

Travel time: 8 hours.

Participants: from 15 to 50.

Price: 77 euro/person.

The price includes: comfortable bus from Tallinn, excursion service throughout the trip, game in the adventure room «Escape from the USSR».

Optional - for additional fee: dinner in the cafe in Pärnu.