Soviet feast

In addition to various events, tours and quests, we also offer you a delicious meal in the center of the Old Town. You can additionally order food for the selected program. Or, if you have your own event planned, you can order only lunch from us.

A feast of Soviet people is an obligatory program for celebrating any holiday. It is a traditional part of Soviet culture. The best sets and crystal were taken out of the cupboard. Everyone gathered at home, at a big table, with the dearest people. Therefore, various dishes were put on the tables in abundance - many appetizers, several salads, hot meals and homemade pies. Songs were sung, toasts were made, wines and strong drinks were poured into glasses. Besides food the main thing was talking at the table, sharing news, arguments, reasoning and belief in a better future. The warm atmosphere united the hearts and souls of people, filling them with kindness and love.
Let's make a holiday in the Soviet way!?

On the feast menu- 45 euro/person

  • Welcome drink
A shot of vodka or champagne

  • Cold appetizers:
"Two pieces of sausage" (meat plate)
Grandma's cellar (pickles and marinades)
Kholodets (meat jelly) with horseradish
Overseas caviar, eggplant
Sandwiches: with sprats, with salted lard, with cheese and garlic

  • Salads:
Olivye - authentic Russian salad
Shuba - herring "under fur coat"

  • Hot:
Mama's cutlets/Bush legs/fried fish
Boiled potatoes/rice

Choose one hot option and one side dish option.
If you want 2 different options, the minimum order is 10 servings of each.

  • For dessert:
Cabbage and apple pies
Cranberry mors - water with cranberry and syrup, tea/coffee

We cook for a group of 10 to 50 people.
Reservation is required.
Duration of lunch: 45-60 minutes.
Address: Vene 33, 2nd floor, MYS Home resto (OleLukoe).