Vampire night

Have you ever played a game of questoria? This fashionable genre of entertainment came out of salon detective games.
"Night of Vampires" - author's live quest, where each participant is a character of a complicated story. To understand what is going on, to achieve your goals, which are not even guessed by others, to watch the magician's performance, to eat good food and at the same time to laugh and be scared - a great way to spend the evening.  (Adults only!)
So, here we go…
The Old Town. The dinner party, scheduled for an unusually late hour, is about to begin.
Candles are flickering in the windows of the vaulted hall. The tables are covered with scarlet tablecloths. The mirrors are black. The guests - antiquities connoisseurs, scholars and wealthy merchants - are busy with small talk and card games. Nothing out of the ordinary. They're just vampires. The host has prepared special entertainment for this evening. And it's not just the guest illusionist and gourmet food - someone will have to play with Death tonight.
You will have to: take part in an ancient vampire war, drink the blood of your best friend, bewitch a beautiful woman (or a handsome man), find a magical artifact and stay in the game after the challenge behind the steel door.

Dress code: Vampire costume or gothic style clothing.
A dark suit or black/red dress will be perfect.
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: from 10 to 25.
Price: 95 euro/vampire
The price includes:
-a live action role-playing adventure game
-a three-course vampire dinner (cold, hot -meat or chicken dish, dessert)
-a glass of blood punch or red wine
-a magician's performance
-fiery dancing until midnight

The event takes place at Vena 33, 2nd floor - MYS home resto (OleLukoe).