Coffee and Charcoal. Drawing workshop

  Shall we experiment? Let's take coffee, brushes, paper and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Old Tallinn streets and romantic cafes. Coffee art is a fashionable style of painting with an aromatherapy effect. Are you not an artist? Don't worry! Creating sketches is easy and fun. The main thing is to allow yourself to relax and create. First, let's practice: try to draw trees and silhouettes of people. Let's check how the invigorating drink behaves on paper and what can be done with charcoal. Now let's get started: a sketch, a brief introduction to perspective, filling in the drawing and the unexpected use of coffee grounds. Apply details: artistic charcoal will help to reveal a shape or make a bright accent. And in 2 hours your masterpiece with the aroma of coffee is ready!
Of course, these few hours will not turn you into a professional artist. But you will have a great time, get an interesting experience, recharge with creative energy and relax.
Duration: 2 hours.
Participants: from 10 to 20.
Price: 45 euro/person.
The price includes: instructor, all materials, snacks, a glass of wine , tea or coffee, a frame (passepartout), an A4 picture painted by you.
The event takes place at Vene 33, 2nd floor - MYS home resto (OleLukoe).
Additionally, after the workshop, you can order lunch or disco (only by reservation).