Chaos chronicles

   There is no time for children's games here. The fate of the whole World and your life are at stake!
Become a participant in a live quest - a fascinating and mystical story, where each player has his own role, a secret goal and the opportunity to influence the final outcome.
A group of heroes is in a dangerous world, engulfed in Chaos and strife between different factions. Those, who were recently just humans in the streets, were struck by Chaos and turned into Zombies. You are lucky to reach the old library, where thick stone walls and steel doors will stop Them. But for how long…. The main question: how to be saved? And whom can you trust here?

Duration of the program:1.5 hours.

Participants: from 15 to 35.

Price: 45 euro/person.

The price includes:
-an adventure game
-two hosts
-coffee or tea

The adventure game takes place in the hall in the Old Town at the following address:
Vene 33, 2nd floor- MYS home resto (OleLukoe)