Tallinn legends and ghosts

     In Old Tallinn the legends are closely intertwined with reality and we may only guess where the truth is and where is the fiction. Only ghosts living in 600 year old towers and houses can tell.
During the costumed excursion, you will hear what mysteries are kept by the Town Hall Square, you will see the house where the devil celebrated the wedding, the well in which the merman used to dwell and the tower where the friendly ghost lives.
You will be told about the adventures of the Duke’s Mummy, about the lady who walks at night through the halls of the Parliament of Estonia and about the curse of the Knight . As well the dog with the torch in his mouth will tell about the Great Inquisition offense.
We recommend to take the evening time for a walk - as ghosts come to life at dusk.
And make sure you get home safely, at the end of the tour, our guides will treat you with a Tallinn liquor.
Guides can be in the role of:
-plague doctor.
It remains a mystery until the beginning of the tour, which of them will accompany you.
Duration of the tour: 1.5-2 hours.
Participants: from10 to 25 people.
Price: 18 euro/person.
Additionally: after the tour, you can order a lunch/workshop/disco in the cozy place of the Old Town - MYS home resto (for an additional fee and by reservation, from 10 persons).