Tastes of Estonia

    Estonia is one of the few European countries where the traditions of peasant cuisine are still alive. Estonian cuisine is famous for its simplicity, naturalness and originality. You will not find gastronomic sensations here, but you will get great pleasure from dishes without artificial additives, with a natural taste of vegetables and fruits, which is not overshadowed by the abundance of seasonings and spices.
An Estonian-style lunch is delicious, simple, satisfying and healthy.
Let’s try!?
We will cook a Potato Pig with you - don't ask what it is - let it be a secret for now.
And while it is cooking, we will enjoy fruit wine and taste a traditional pumpkin soup with cream. For dessert, you should definitely try semolina mousse - this is a delicate sweet dessert with a hint of sourness.
And, of course, let's talk about the peculiarities and culture of Estonia. We will get acquainted with its traditions, dances and songs.
The evening will definitely not be boring!

Duration: 2 hours.
Participants: from 15 to 25.
Price: 45 euro/person.
The workshop includes:
-Making a Potato Pig under the guidance of a master.
-Traditional pumpkin soup with cream
-Semolina mousse
-Fruit wine

The event takes place at Vene 33, 2nd floor - MYS home resto (OleLukoe).