Viking experience

  Stayed late at work? Want to relieve stress? We have a solution to this problem!
Not far from Tallinn, in the forest on the bank of the river, is hiddennan unusual place - the Viking Village. Here, behind the wooden wall of the settlement, trout are caught and smoked, ducks and rabbits are raised, dear guests are welcomed and treated, bathhouses are heated in black and white as well as tournaments and holidays are held.
In the tavern, there are weapons hanging on the walls. Ancient music plays. Potions and medicines are prepared in the witch’s hut. Around a huge fire there are stones with runes, for the secret of which the Great God Odin himself gave his eye.
You won’t even notice how you will begin to participate in archery competitions, shoot from a real catapult, make tactical plans to capture an ancient settlement, ask for mercy from the formidable Odin and appease the forest spirits…
You will be met by Vikings, given a short tour around the village, and given some special clothing in which you can take interesting photos. Of course, like true Vikings, we will not forget about warrior training: archery and catapults, as well as sword fighting!

Duration of the program: 1.5-2 hours.

Duration of the entire trip: 4-4.5 hours.

Price: from 15 people - 55 euro/person. The maximum number is 150 people.

The price includes: transport and the program with 2 hosts.

Optional - for additional fee  and by reservation : dinner in the local tavern (approximately from 30 euros per person).