Tastes of Georgia

      A culinary journey into the traditions and culture of vibrant and hospitable Georgia is a great theme.
They say that Georgian cuisine is too complicated. Forget it!
Let's cook juicy, soft, aromatic Adjarian-style Khachapuri with a crispy crust!
And while the khachapuri is baking, please come to the table!
Chikhirtma with flatbreads, Georgian salad and wine!
Let's learn the art of Caucasian toasts and talk about the beautiful country glorified by the ancient Greeks! You will get acquainted with the dances and songs of Georgia.
You can try your Khachapuri hot and fresh on the spot or take it home to enjoy later.
Duration: 2 hours.
Participants: from 15 to 25.
Price: 45 euro/person.
The workshop includes:
-Making one khachapuri under the guidance of a master.
*Khachapuri - is a bread made into the shape of a boat and filled with cheese. The dish is topped with an egg yolk and a slab of butter.
-Chicken soup Chikhirtma
-Georgian salad
-A glass of Georgian wine

The event takes place at Vene 33, 2nd floor - MYS home resto (Olelukoe).