Marvelous Lahemaa: wonders of nature

   Estonia is one of the richest countries in Europe for forests and swamps. When we say “swamps,” an image of something ominous and very unsightly emerges. In reality, marshes are the most beautiful natural landscapes, full of mysteries. We will walk along the path (wooden flooring) among the moor, climb a tower and look into the “eyes of the swamp” - a small lake with the purest fresh water. Then we will go to the shore of a beautiful bay - to the Village of Captains, where we'll be told about how the sea fed the local population from century to century and what activity is still the most profitable. You definitely need to throw a pebble over your shoulder and make a wish: it is checked - it will come true!  Let's learn about Estonian hiking trails and opportunities for an interesting summer vacation. At the Sagadi estate we will go to the Forest Museum. Here you can not only see the exhibits, but also touch, twist and even smell. Of course, we will also walk around the estate, see the park and apple orchard, ancient interiors and buildings. For lunch we will stop at the Palmse tavern: there are dishes of national cuisine and a regular menu. After lunch, we will continue our research! On the way back we will stop at the Jägala waterfall - the widest and incredibly beautiful natural waterfall in Estonia.

The primary attractions:
Lahemaa National Park
Viru Swamp
Captains' Village
Sagadi Manor
Forest Museum
Jagala waterfall

Duration of the trip: approximately 8 hours.
Participants: from 15 to 45.
Price: 65 euro/person.
The price includes: bus, excursion services, tickets to the Sagadi Manor Museum.
Optional: for additional fee - dinner in the tavern  (national Estonian cuisine, three-course meal) - 26 euro/person (approximately).